Learn More About Marksmanship Consultants

At Marksmanship Consultants, we strive to provide you with outstanding firearms training courses. Shooting a handgun with precision requires technique and practice. Sign up for one of our useful firearms training classes and learn the right way to shoot a handgun from our highly trained and qualified firearms instructor.

Individualized Firearms Training to Fit Your Needs

Visit us for individualized firearms training classes. We offer an array of classes on handgun selection, marksmanship training, private security certifications, and police firearms training and cover subjects on safety, concealed carry and home protection.

If you have been struggling with obtaining a competent skill level in the use of handguns, our problem shooter analysis and corrective measures will be beneficial for you. Learn more about our private citizen training classes. 

Private Shooting Range

Our private outdoor shooting range is located in Clark County, which is just 30 minutes from downtown Portland. This range allows us to serve the needs of a variety of shooting disciplines.

We have developed 5 unique principles of shooting to help you become a better shooter. Our unique style of training focuses on developing and maintaining your marksmanship skills. Contact us to learn more about our firearms training. 
Private shooting
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