Excellent Firearms Training Courses for Police Officers

Police officers need a solid foundation of marksmanship skills prior to going on to tactical training. With this in mind, Gary A. Crane of Marksmanship Consultants provides firearms training courses to help police officers with their interactive, tactical, and static firearms training.
Police training

Training Classes for Police Firearms Instructors

Gary’s classes for firearms trainers are especially beneficial for those police departments wishing to send their current instructors to gain new ideas in instructing. They can also help neophyte instructors to be grounded in solid marksmanship teaching principles. 

Although we don’t teach tactics, we welcome police departments to contact us if they need assistance in dealing with special circumstances where individuals require special needs to improve their skill levels. Contact us to learn more.
Firearm instructor

Let us help you enhance your marksmanship skills. Call us at 360-263-0803 to schedule a training class!

Become a better firearms trainer in your police department with our help. Get in touch with us right away.

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