Quality Private Security Training Classes

If you’re working as a private security officer in a regulated state such as Washington or Oregon, you’re required to meet the minimum state standards of competency and training. Turn to Marksmanship Consultants for certification classes.

Private Security Certification Courses

Contact us for excellent private security firearms training courses. Let us help you with your initial training courses or the annual refresher courses required to maintain your certifications. We’re certified to teach armed certification classes in both Washington and Oregon.

Our firearms training classes are generally scheduled for mutually agreed upon dates. Call for availability. You can also count on us for private citizen firearms training classes. Get in touch with us to schedule a training class. 
Firearm training

Get the best private security firearms training from us! Call us at 360-263-0803 to schedule a class.

We have 40 years of experience in providing remarkable firearms training services. Contact us today.

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