I have known Gary Crane for 40 years, primarily through my 27-year career with the Portland Police Bureau (Oregon) and 3 years as the owner of a security company. During that time I have taken marksmanship classes from him and have a great respect for his knowledge. During my tenure as the Central Precinct Commander I asked Sergeant Gary Crane to assist several police officers that were having difficulty with their firearms qualifications. I did this because of his excellent reputation throughout the Portland Police Bureau as the "go to person" on firearms training issues. After several informal sessions, each of these officers was able to qualify with excellent scores.
After I retired, I formed an armed security company employing retired police officers. I hired Gary Crane as a Lieutenant and made him my training coordinator. With 60 employees, each having a different experience level, the job of designing and coordinating training was a challenge. I found Gary Crane up to that challenge. He put together a thoughtful 40 hour in-service training program as well as firearms training and qualifications. I could not have hired a more talented person to do this.
I would recommend Gary Crane as a firearms trainer to anyone and without reservation. Not only is he very skillful as a firearms trainer, but he loves to do it. Please feel free to contact me at cemay@hevanet.com for additional information.

--Cmdr. Ed May (Ret.) Portland Police Bureau
Just a short note to thank you for the excellent instruction of the Advanced Handgun Course I contracted you to do for me on February 22/23, 2003 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
My intentions upon organizing the course were for an in-depth, detailed presentation on all aspects of handgun marksmanship designed for the intermediate to advanced marksman. Generally, at most clubs the level of instruction students receives enable them to increase their basic level of marksmanship skill.
My expectations were surpassed with your presentation! Your experience from years of applying the marksmanship principles both on the job and competitively allowed you to present knowledgeable lessons in a simple understandable but detailed way which was greatly appreciated by all the students attending. Your skill lessons, including demonstrations and interactive hands on work were easy to understand and in enough detail to make the attendance of each student a valuable and rewarding experience, experiences they can spend their time applying, both in more productive training sessions and during their live competitions.
Thank you again as you have accomplished excellence as a firearms instructor.

--M. Master Instructor
Canadian Firearms Safety Course
Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course
February 25, 2003 David Michaud
Several years ago I was a new Firearms Instructor with the Vancouver (British Columbia) Police Department. I was tasked with writing a training program to transition our 1100 member law enforcement agency from revolvers to semi-automatic pistols. I strongly believe that to teach well requires a high level of understanding and that performance is a real demonstration of that understanding. With this in mind I began shooting in Police Pistol Combat shooting and learning everything I could about how to shoot and teach shooting a pistol well.
Through Police Pistol Combat shooting I met Sgt. Gary Crane of the Portland Police Bureau. Gary held the highest skill level classification in this police shooting skills competition, he was what is referred to as a "Grand Master." I was impressed by his skill level, his willingness to help others and his ability to articulate concepts in shooting that I had not even considered.
Gary assisted me in developing my own shooting as I moved up through the rankings to the "Grand Master" classification, set Canadian records and scored 100on the FBI ("Possible") Combat Course of Fire while training with the FBI at Quantico, Virginia. Gary also trained his son Kevin, who achieved national records and championships while in his teens, something unheard of in a sport dominated by older mature competitors. When I began competing directly with Gary he continued to help me improve. His sportsmanship and desire to help others understand shooting was stronger than any temptation he may have had to withhold advantage. Even now Gary, who is older than Moses, can kick my butt in a shooting match on any given day.
While developing my own shooting I also worked to obtain instructor certification from a wide range of agencies, firearms training schools and manufacturers. I learned from every instructor but without hesitation can say that no other instructor I've studied with or under had the understanding of shooting a handgun and teaching shooting handguns that Gary Crane has. Gary's methods are non-trendy basic skill sets that can not only help a person shoot an excellent paper target score but also prepare them for dealing with a threatening aggressor.
Gary is strong in all areas of shooting instruction but has a particularly strong ability in teaching remedial shooting techniques for Pistol Instructors. We have brought Gary up to teach the Pistol Instructors from the Vancouver Police Department and other agencies these skills. Pistol Instructors repeatedly comment that they obtain great value from these sessions and use Gary Crane's techniques, in their day to day instruction, of both new shooters and veteran officers. Anyone fortunate enough to train under Gary Crane will greatly benefit from the experience.

--Sgt. Mark Horsley Vancouver Police Department
My wife and I attended Gary Crane's course in April of 2003.
A little information about my wife and myself, we are 52 and 48 respectively and as of April 2003 were not active in hunting nor did we own any guns of any consequence. It had been 25 years since either of us had shot a pistol or rifle.
During a trip to Southwest Washington, in March 2003 I was introduced to Gary Crane through a family member and was subsequently invited to Gary’s home to shoot on his private shooting range. After an hour of shooting I found that through Gary’s instruction I was able to shoot with comfort and reasonable accuracy considering I had not shot a gun in 25 years. After the guns were cleaned and put away Gary offered to give a complete training course to my wife and I if we were truly interested in the sport of pistol shooting.
One month later my wife and I, seeking a hobby we could share, decided to take Gary upon his offer to train us in the proper use and care of handguns for both marksmanship in competitive shooting and self-defense. The course began with a very informative narrative on the different types of handguns and how they work. This included the disassembly and reassembly of the handguns we chose from our samples, then on to the safety and handling portion of the course using many different types of handguns we brought to the course. Next we learned the shooting basics and marksmanship disciplines, then out to the range for the practical application of what we had been taught and in closing a question and answer session to clear up any loose ends.
My wife Crystal and I found Gary's course very complete and flexible enough to take both of us from ground zero to completely comfortable handling and shooting any of the many guns that we fired during the class. We now have a variety of handguns ranging from 22 to 45 cal. and enjoy shooting them weekly. We find the challenge to improve our marksmanship is enjoyable on a personal level as well as the spirited challenges that come up when one of us raises the bar with a better than normal performance.
Gary's class was very professionally given with the flexibility to accommodate all of our questions with patience and in a casual atmosphere. We recommend Gary Crane’s course to anyone that intends to own a gun or wishes to improve their marksmanship.

--Greg James
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